Biannual Bibibliothon Day Seven: Write A Letter To A Book Character

Today is the final day of the Summer Biannual Bibliothon. The prompt today is to write a letter of any sorts to a book character. For this prompt I have chosen Sirius from the Harry Potter series.





Dear Sirius,

Hello, I would like to ask you a few questions. First of all can you make me a Maunders map for my own?Who am I kidding you won’t. Second of all what was it like to live with a terrible family like you own. I know that is a very personal question but I hope I would answer me. Third of all what did it feel like when you lost your bestfriend forever and were blamed even though you didn’t do it but someone else who was close to you, James, and Remus did it? Did you feel the pain everyday? Was it agonizing? How did it feel when you finally escaped from Azkaban?

How did you feel when you saw Harry? Did you see you bestfriend, James, and his wife Lily in him? Did you see the life you could have had if Voldemort wasn’t born and if they didn’t die? Did you see the life where you are still Harrys godfather but you, James, Lily, and Remus were all still alive having a nice Sunday picnic? Did you see James and Lily sending Harry of to Hogwarts for his first year, Lily crying into James shoulder cause she is so proud of him? Did you see you and James sending Harry and his friends letters congratulating him on the pranks he was pulling just like you guys did, while lily scolded you but had a smile on your face? Did you see the life where Remus was a full time Defense Against The Dark Arts professor, teaching Harry and plenty of other children, while making Snivellus, no Sevures annoyed? Did you see the life where you were at Remus wedding, seeing him with the love of his life, even though he was a werewolf, overcoming his fear? Did you see the life where you had a wife, children and a happy family.

Did you see the life where you grew old with your family. Growing old with you friends, No Brother? Did you see the life where you all lived and were happy?


A Curious Hufflepuff.


Biannual Bibiothon Day Six: 25 Bookish Things About Me


  1. I am the book reader in the family.
  2. I drink tea when I read.
  3. I love reading when it rains.
  4. I am currently trying to write a book.
  5. I am shy.
  6. I want to start a booktube channel but I am too scared.
  7. I am on bookstagram.
  8. I hate reading outside when it’s bright.
  9. I borrow books from a couple of my trusted friends.
  10. I love to read classics.
  11. I plan to go into the book publishing business once I am done with school.
  12. I love to read in the quite.
  13. I like reading when camping or in the forest.
  14. I am a fast reader.
  15. I love watching booktube.
  16. I am currently making a Read-A-Thon with a bunch of other people.
  17. I read during school.
  19. I like watching book to movie adaptions even if they are terrible.
  20. I am able to read in the car without getting sick. YAY
  21. I am a mood reader.
  22. I read more than one book at a time. Once I read seven books at the same time. ‘
  23. I don’t like re-reading books.
  24. I wish that I could be a book character.
  25. I plan on making my children read.

That is my 25 Bookish facts about me. Hope you liked it. Have a good bookish day.

Biannual Bibliothon Day Five: Character You Connect With On A Personal Level


Hello everyone. Today I am doing the Fifth challenge for The Biannual Bibliothon, which is to discuss no more than two characters you have connected with on a more personal level. And then to pick a situation that the character was in and discuss what they should have done differently, If you feel like they should have done something differently. The host of this is FangirlWIP

So the character that I felt like I connected on a personal level with is Cath from the book Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. One reason why I connected with her is because in the story she only has one parent because something happened to the other. The reason why I connected with that on a personal level is because I only have one parent, a dad, because my mom has a couple of psychological disorder and an alcohol addiction which makes her unsafe for me to live around. Another reason I connected with her is that I am a Fangirl and so is she. However the reason I am is because I like to read and leave the real world to go into a fictional world so I don’t have to deal with the real world for awhile. Wow that was a mouthful. The last reason I feel like I have connected on a level with is that both She and I like to write. I obviously though are a lot worse than her but hopefully I could become a writer one day, or go into the book industry. That’s one of my dreams.

So hopefully you know a little bit more about both Cath and I. And the reasons of why I feel like I connected with her. I didn’t think she did anything wrong in the book so I am going to skip that part. I hope you enjoyed reading this. I’ll be posting tomorrow for the next challenge.

Biannual Bibibliothon Day Four: Ratings

A book I have rated Three stars is Allegiant by Veronica Roth. The reason why I rated it three stars was because I loved the beginning very much but it felt too predictable. The ending was depressing and I think everyone who has read it can agree. But what Tobias did in the end was sad yet cliché. I think three stars is not low on the rating chart more like an agree or okay while four means satisfied and five means extraordinary. However one means terrible and two means did not meet expiations. So the book was enjoyable but I’ve read more interesting books before, and many have had a better ending. I do recognize the writing endings to stories are hard but I think Veronica Roth could’ve done better. I also believe Veronica could’ve ended the Trilogy as a Duology. But I do understand that she felt like the story needed to adapt along with making money.

Have you ever read a book that made you feel the same way? Do you agree or Disagree with me on my opinions of the book. If you do please comment down below.

Summer Biannual Bibliothon Day 3: The Villains Synopsis. NOT A REVIEW


Hey everyone, so today I am doing the third challenge of The Biannual Bibliothon. Where you have to write a short synopsis of one of your favorite books, but from the villains point of view. I chose Leigh Bardugo’s Ruin and Rising, the Last book of the Grishia Trilogy. I hope you all have a laugh while reading this because I know I did. Have a great day, and see you tomorrow for the next blog challenge. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW OF THE BOOK IT IS A SPOOF.

The capital is perfect. The Darkling Rules Ravaka from the throne. The nation rests in the hands of the annoying yet beautiful Sun Summoner who can’t seem to kill The Darkling, a tracker who is hopelessly in love with the Sun Summoner, and the little almost nothing remains of annoying, backstabbing set of teenagers who are all whiny brats. Deep in an ancient network of tunnels a Alina, Sun Summoner, has to work with a exasperating Apparat who can’t seem to mind his own business and his follower who worship Alina as a Saint. However Alina has other plans, to continue hunting down that damn Firebird and hope that her precious Prince is still alive and somewhat okay. Alina has to make new friendships, much to The Darkling’s sadness, and put aside her old rivalries, again much to The Darkling’s sadness. All so Alina and her little group of misfits are able to find the last of Marozova’s amplifiers. However, Once The Darkling has almost everything going right Alina has to show up and ruin it. Alina finding the Firebird is the one thing that can ruin all of the Darkling’s plans. Let us hope she doesn’t.

Also if you want to check the Biannual Bibliothons channel then click this link,


Blogger Book Tag Day Two Biannual Bibliothon 2017, Book Review- We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist

bhrn-square-1536I read We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist during the Summer. During this book we go on a journey with Josh the main character, to find out why all of his romantic relationships and even crushes went wrong?  Throughout the while book we experience what he felt and maybe even understand his pain. However, the best parts were when I found out that this book was based on a true experience, how he went through all of those hardships, and how it was all a scientific experiment.

When I read this I was constantly laughing and crying. Laughing because some of the moments were just to good. Crying because some moments were just to relatable, in a painful way. There was three parts to each girl: Hypothesis, Background and Investigation.

I personally loved this book as you could’ve tell. In my opinion it is a great summer read. There was happy, sad and awkward moments. The awkward moments are just so, so, so relatable and funny. I am not going to go into much detail since it is better to go into it without knowing much. Plus I know if I keep on talking I would spoil it. And let’s be honest everyone HATES being spoiled. If you know any good Summer reads than tell me in the comments. Have a good day, talk to you later.

Blogger Book Tag Day One Biannual Bibliothon 2017


1.) What are you planning to read on for the Summer Biannual Bibliothon?

I am planning on reading Outlander by Dianna Gabaldon, Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, Illuminae by Amie Kaufman, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and any other book that happens to stumble upon my hands.

2.) What is your favorite genre to read in the Summer?

High Fantasy is my favorite genre to read in the Summer.

3.) Where is your favorite place to read in the Summer?

I don’t have a favorite place to read in the Summer but I like reading on the beach, near the forest, or on the couch that’s next to a fan.

4) What is your favorite challenge done in the Summer Biannual Bibliothon?

My favorite challenge is the villain synopsis on day three for the bloggers.

5.) What Character would you hang out with in the Summer if you could?

I would hang out with either Harry Potter or Rhysand. If you don’t know who Rhysand is he’s from the A Court of Thornes and Roses Series.

6.) What are your plans for Summer?

My plans are to enjoy the Summer as much as I can, Read till my heart’s content, and spend time with my family.

7.) Do you have a Summer playlist, If not what would be on it?

I don’t really have a Summer playlist. I usually just listen to the Greg Laswell track on Pandora and try and find some songs I like, so then the playlist is made

8.) What is your favorite Summer movie?

My favorite summer movie is actually a series. THE HARRY POTTER SERIES. I LOVE THOSE MOVIES.

9.) What book do you read every summer, if not what do you do every Summer?

I don’t have a book I read every summer. but I usually spend the summer with my grandparents and I re-watch the Harry Potter movies.

10.) What other book tags do you plan on doing this summer?

I am planning on doing the BOOKTUBE-A-THON. I know that it isn’t a book tag, but a read-a-thon. But I am planning on doing that this summer.

Okay, that’s the end of the Tag I will be doing the rest of the challenges this week. Have a good day.

Kiss Me, Kill You Review


I read an advanced copy of Kiss Me, Kill you by Larissa C. Hardesty thanks to NetGalley. During this book, you go on an adventure with Emmy Duviel. A 15-year-old girl who just wants to live a normal life and find true love. Just like in the books she reads.  What Emmy doesn’t know is that her mother, best friend, her best friends mother and herself are all Succubi, a sex demon that feeds on humans when they kiss them and take a soul during sexual intercourse.

Paul Andinn only had one job, One job, and he couldn’t do it right. He is sent to watch over her, make sure she doesn’t expose the Succubus to the world, and to make sure that her mother is helping her to learn about herself properly. Too bad that he’s falling for her and she to him.

In this novel, you find out more about Paul and who he fits into Emmy’s life. How she finds out about her mother’s true identity and what happened to her father. How she learns the difference between true friendship and fake friendship. And most importantly of all how to not kill of hurt boys when she kisses them.

This book was a very enjoyable book that was a quick and easy read. Or at least for me. I would give this book a Three out of Five stars. The reason why is because I found it very predictable and towards the second half of the book I had started to lose interest. Not because it was boring, but because I felt like it could have gone in a more interesting direction that could have captured and kept the readers more engaged.

Beauty And The Beast Book Tag

beauty and the beast

So today I am going to be doing the Beauty And The Beast Book Tag. I know I have not been tagged by anyone, but I saw the movie a while back and it was my favorite childhood movie so I decided to go ahead and do the tag. So let’s just start it.

Also, this tag was originally created by Du Livre

  1. A villain you can’t help but love.  A villain I can’t help but love is actually from a comic book series and now a TV show, The Walking Dead, Negan.
  2. Your OTP. My OTP. Which one? No, like really I need this narrowed down I have way too many. I’ll probably with Bellamy and Clarke from the 100 or Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from the PJO Series.
  3. A character who’s destined for great things. A character that in my opinion that deserved more is Mare Barrow. She deserved so much better I mean with all the terrible stuff that happened to her…she just deserved better. 
  4. A book that made you hungry. A book that made me hungry has to be Divergent by Veronica Roth. The only reason why it made me hungry was that it brought up Dauntless cake and how good it was and sadly it is not real because I would so eat it. 
  5. Opposites Attract. A pair of that I thought attracted amazingly even though they are extremely different had to be Hermoine and Ron from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.
  6. A Character Who’s more than they appear. A character who was more than they appeared had to be David from Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZebik. ( If you want to know more about the book check out my review on it.)
  7. A book that changed you in some type of way. A book that changed me in some type of way is The Hunger Games by Suzzane Collins. The reason why I am putting it down is that it was the book that really got me into reading. 
  8. A book that you picked up because of hype. For me, the answer has to be Illuminae by Marie Lu.
  9. A book or moment that always makes you cry. That has to be Passion the third book in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. I am such a big sap. 

Okay, so that is all the questions on this book tag. Everyone who read this I tag. If you want to talk about any of these books go ahead.

Things I Should Have Known



    This book hits so many aspects of real life problems that it’s almost unreal.

The book Things I Should Have Known by Claire LaZebnik talks about important things that happen in everyday life. Some of them are cancer, autism, stereotypes, LGBT, and how people deal with losing a loved one.

    Firstly, cancer is a common sickness that happens to million out in the world. In the book, Ivy, and Chloe lose their dad to throat cancer. I have known enough people in my life to know this is a painful, terrible, sad sickness that no-one should have to endure. While reading this book I wished they went more into the dad’s plot. However, I am completely satisfied on how they children dealt with the death of their father.

    That brings me on to the next subject this book went into, the loss of a loved one. Not only were the girls dealing with the loss of their dad but, so was another set of siblings, David and Ethan. David and Ethan dealt with the loss of their mother. In the book, she ran away from them and their father, however, I wished they also went into more detail about their family situation. The went into how the dad dealt with it, but not too much. I Think there should be more and more information about the parent’s background because they’re also a major part of the book.   

    Thirdly, I love how they dealt with the topic of autism. I have an older second cousin who has it. So, in my opinion, I think the author went into the touchy subject perfectly. There really is nothing more that could be said about that. But I can say that how the author added that quick shock of how Chloe’s older sister, Ivy, was autistic and a lesbian is so important. When that happened I think everyone who read that was shocked and surprised. The reason why is because no-one expected it to happen. It could be something and probably does which makes me so happy. This book has represented a majority of things.

    They even dealt with people stereotyping people. We see this very early in the book when Chloe believes that David is an arrogant, all-knowing asshole. However, once she starts hanging out with him because their sibling is friends they become closer and closer throughout the book. Another example is when they were at the bowling alley with their sibling’s something happened that caused some of the people to look at them in a curious way, and for a couple of older middle-aged ladies to be somewhat rude to them.

 In conclusion, this book has talked about some touchy subjects that people don’t like to talk about until it’s thrown in their faces. Some of the touchy subjects were the loss of a loved one at any age which can be extremely hard. Cancer which takes thousands of lives every minute. The last touchy subjects are autism and LGBT, which makes some people uncomfortable because they don’t want to understand. All in all the book was phenomenal. However, it could’ve gone into more detail. But besides that, the book was great and should be read by more people, and brought up to the booktube community.